Intro to the Chakras

by Emma Jackson One of the most useful presentations I helped to create during my time as an undergraduate was about the chakra energy flow and associated yoga movements. College is a time… Continue reading

Interview with artist Ariel Esterline

I am 20 years old, I am originally from Columbus, Ohio, and I now live in Merrillville, Indiana. My Creative Spark is usually ignited by seeing other people express themselves and not let… Continue reading

Interview with Visionary Artist Chris Dyer

Who are you? In this present incarnation, I am a human called Chris Dyer. I grew up in Lima, Peru and live in Montreal, Quebec. I do art constantly and travel the world sharing… Continue reading

What is a woman?

a poem by Erica Barrera What is a woman? A female human made out of a man’s right rib? To stay with him through thick and thin? A woman with passion and understanding… Continue reading

Everyone’s a Dancer

By Maddy Tyma I have been dancing since I was three, and I love it. I wouldn’t consider it my favorite, but I spent most of my time dancing so it’s very close.… Continue reading

Using Hip-Hop to Teach

By Audrey Noeltner To me, Living the Good Life means having the opportunity to work on what you are most passionate about on a daily basis and sharing my passion of Hip-Hop through… Continue reading

Visualizer and Dissection of a Daffodil

poetry by Dylan Ecker   Visualizer                 Dissection of a Daffodil

Youth Dreamers

My name is Kristina Berdan, and I am with the Youth Dreamers, Inc. a youth-led nonprofit in Baltimore, Maryland. I am writing because I believe our organization is a powerful example of youth… Continue reading

Interview with David Biga of Novelist Music Group

Who are you? My name is David Biga, and I am a 21-year-old artist from Dayton, Ohio. What are you passionate about? If you ask my family, friends and loved ones, they would probably tell… Continue reading

My name is Billy Carrick and I’m from Chardon, OH…

I’m currently going into my junior year of mechanical engineering at the University of Dayton, as well as playing with a band in Columbus called One Foot in the Gravy and making my own… Continue reading