a poem by Kyria Fortina


Soft skin
Long hair
Skin so fair
Curly hair.
Mascara eyelashes
Bronze powdered cheecks,
Rosie lips and
Sweet spring smelling neck.
Can anyone see
What is hidden behind what seems?
Why is this woman hiding behind
Insecurity and deceit?
An hourglass shaped, curly haired woman
That fights everyday to overcome
The insecurities that she will become
If she does not compell, convince, convicts herself
To find her
A woman made, designed to do great things; things that no one would ever imagine because ordained by the Almigthy creator.
The director, designer
Of the perfect helper.
A role of gentle strength
And quiet submission-
She makes it her mission
To trust in things she cannot see
Things she cannot control.
Things that will help her be the woman fearfully and wonderfully made. Designed by the architect of all.
So when the world says NO
Be still and remember your role.
When the world says: be more like those-
Women over there
Please remember to be fair
To the Almigthy creator.
He designed you, imagined you and loved you
Because of the image you were created into.
Please remember to be separated
From the lies and insecurities.
When you feel like you are not
Doing enough, and this
And such
Situation may cause you to doubt
The trust
That you explicitly and purpusly assigned to the Almigthy,
Please stop.
Remember why you were created
That you ve been separated
And you must always remember that
There is always so much that could have been. Yet you are exactly where you need to be
For your skin
To be refined, molded into the beautiful silky marble statue that God himself started carving
For you to become once and for all
His little darling.
A strong, courageous little darling
That now confidently walks with power
Bringing hope to the other
-softed skin, long haired – women out there.