Really Living the Good Life

by Emma Jackson When Roberto called me up my freshman year of college, I never could have guessed what the Youth Voice Nation team and I would be capable of doing in the… Continue reading

Invitation to Conversation Pt. 2

by Emma Jackson (See part 1 of the Invitation to Conversation by Roberto Rivera here.) As Roberto said in the beginning of the Good Life’s conversation on the racially-tense happenings as of late,… Continue reading

Invitation to Conversation Pt. 1

by Roberto Rivera “I can’t breathe.” These words continue to echo in my mind ever since I read about the horrific tragedy of Eric Garner being strangled to death by NY police officers.… Continue reading

Biddle Me This

Growing up, I played countless games of Chinese Checkers with my grandma. In the 19 years I had with her, I think I won less than ten times. She was not the kind… Continue reading


a poem by Dylan Ecker “Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting—” -from Wild Geese by… Continue reading

Open Window

a poem by Dylan Ecker   You told me to stay away. You told me to lift the cobbled thatch to watch how ants lie in catacombs not much different from our own.… Continue reading


a poem by Kyria Fortina   Soft skin Long hair Skin so fair Curly hair. Mascara eyelashes Bronze powdered cheecks, Rosie lips and Sweet spring smelling neck. Can anyone see What is hidden… Continue reading

Ben Jackson Photography

Ben Jackson is a freelance photographer based out of Dayton, OH. He is a full-time student at Ohio State University studying Environmental and Natural Resources with a minor in photography. His work currently… Continue reading

Photography by Kaylin Chen

Kaylin is currently a Senior at The Ohio State University studying Marketing. She sees traveling as an opportunity to connect with others and to connect with herself. She uses photography as a medium to… Continue reading

Cook County

a poem by Marlon Salgado we’re that close these fellas kiss lips with my water tower high walls that say do you feel my proximity do you see the cracks in my frame,… Continue reading